This is a National body of Bodaboda riders in Kenya Dully Registered under the Kenyan Societies act.

Since the inception of transport, a lot of changes have been experienced and as more inventions are made, human beings are trying to invent more comfortable ways of moving both goods and themselves.

Bodaboda is one of the most used means of transport in the world and in particularly Kenya. It is almost impossible currently in Kenya to complete transportation without the use of Bodabodas.

From taking people to work, children to school, farm produce to market and even sick to hospital. It is therefore a vital organ in the transport sector and cannot be ignored.

I would like to highlight some of the benefits that those bodaboda people have brought to us as society.


The industry is currently the biggest single employer in the republic of Kenya. With over 1.2 million youths employed. This is because some do share one motorbike for them to earn a living raising the number. It has reduced the burden and pressure on the government for employment you can imagine all those youths on motorbike without any source of income and seeking employment.


The industry has propelled the transportation sector to another level by opening up the former inaccessible roads in the village, where matatu would not access and people were forced to walk for a very long distance due to poor infrastructure, this did waste a lot of time and lose of economic growth.

The industry also helps in beating traffic jams in urban areas and people get to their meetings early making the entire public to embrace it.


The families of the riders have now good living standards, there is cash flow as the riders consume fuel in petrol stations, food, health care, transportation of agricultural goods to markets which owners also sale in time to earn an income, transportation of business people, all this contributes to cash flow which impacts heavily on the country’s economy. It has transformed and elevated many Kenyans from normal lower class where people used to go without food and we are now heading to middle class even though we are not yet there but we are moving towards vision 2030.


Now the bodaboda riders are constructing homes
They can afford to feed their families
They can pay for quality education
They can pay for quality health care
Social well being as they do ferry people to church