To The government

However every good thing has its challenges. Over some years, there have been some accidents associated with bodaboda.

Many hospitals have beds set aside for bodaboda riders because they are the most affected in road accidents. This hurts the government due to pressure in hospitals and to the economy as no revenue generation occurs when one is hospitalized but he or she consumes the available little resources.

 To the public and family

Accidents are the most hurting log in eyes of the families and Kenyans at large, during this period, incase of death the family loses the only breadwinner or when hospitalized, the family is drained to poverty because they spend every little penny they have on hospital bills, repaying loans as many motorbikes are borrowed, this reduces these families to a more poorer life than they were living before.

To the rider

Riders face many challenges starting from lack of

  • Driving licenses and road safety skills,

  • Many riders are poor hence they can’t afford the high cost of obtaining a driving license, or rather training before joining the industry.

  • Many riders don’t have knowledge on road safety which leads to high rate of accidents


Most riders are not compensated during an accident or after a motorbike theft and yet they had paid all their premiums, this returns them to severe poverty mostly when a motorbike was on loan


Many riders die in hands of mercy less robbers who kill them and take their bikes, This leaves their family in grief and double tragedy if the motorbike was on loan.

 Lack of designated areas, recognized and sheltered as many operators spend the whole day in the scorching sun and when it rains they are rained on. This puts their health life in danger.


Riders face harassment from law enforcers eg, Police and city Askaris. Those in urban areas face county Askari harassment that arrests them sometimes with no valid reasons.

Lack of proper government recognition of this industry as public means of transport and gazette it. In Kenya the motorbike is not fully recognized as public means of transport by the law and yet it has created employment for many youths