As the association our mandates are:

    1. To provide road safety trainings to our members in view of reducing road accidents and ensure all members wear safety gears.
    2. To fight drugs and alcohol abuse among young people.
    3. To promote good social habits and understanding among our members through reform programs.
    4. To negotiate on behalf of members for the accessibility of genuine spare parts         and services.
    5. To foster good public image for motorcycling and motorcyclists in the whole republic.
    6. To open branches in all the counties for quicker services and monitoring.
    7. To promote the increased use of motorcycles for transport and recreation.
    8. To partner with the national government, county governments, sponsors and other non-governmental organizations to support development projects, Road safety trainings and provide safety gears.
    9. To develop projects in all counties that will benefit members (riders) directly both short term and long term in their retirement.
    10. To establish a database of all motorbikes and owners in the country with a view to eliminate motorbike theft as any new motorbike in any given region will be subjected to confirmation of the owner from the association.
    11. To participate in community based development projects and other social affairs
    12. To promote national cohesion by working with relevant bodies.
    13. To engage in any other lawful activity beneficial to the members which is ancillary and or incidental to the objects outlined herein above.

And many other as stipulated in the constitution.