1. The association will work as a bridge between the government and the riders.
  2. To combat these problems, the association is dedicated to work hard and in partnership with the government, sponsors, cooperates relevant government regulatory bodies to make sure all the stated issues are dealt with in the betterment of the youth’s lives.
  3. To offer trainings to reduce the rate of accidents, reduce drug and alcohol abuse which leads to road accidents.
  4. The association is dedicated in organizing the youths into groups e.g saccos to make sure that they understand the need of saving and making developments for their future life.
  5. The association will work with the donors to establish and provide shelters for the riders countrywide to prevent them from scorching sun and rains in order to motivate them.
  6. The association will work with drug fighting agency to provide education on drug and alcohol abuse.
  7. The association will negotiate with manufacturing companies to see to it that they supply motorbikes and spare parts on a much lower price, and also negotiate with insurance companies to allow them provide cheaper premiums.

We therefore wish for well-wishers and donors to come on board to enable us achieve the above mandates for the betterment of our youths countrywide.